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Why are seatbelts important in your case?

The Importance of Seatbelts

SEATBELTS ARE IN IMPORTANT FOR YOUR SAFETY AND YOUR CASE.  We cannot emphasize this enough. In Colorado, the value of your damages will be significantly reduced (if not completely eliminated) if you do not wear seatbelts when you are legally required to do so. Seatbelt usage is mandatory for drivers and all front-seat passengers in Colorado, and our child restraint law requires that children 15 years old and younger riding in a vehicle be properly secured regardless of their seating position.  Despite these laws, Colorado's seatbelt usage is only 88% (which is below the national average of 90%).  In 2019 alone, there were 377 total passenger vehicle deaths and of those, more than half (196) involved unbuckled drivers or passengers.  Not only do seatbelts reduce your risk of injury or death in a crash by 50%, they also preserve your legal rights of recovery against at-fault parties. Travis Legal Offices, LLC takes the use of seatbelts seriously; therefore, we typically do not represent unbuckled drivers or passengers because any damages sustained by the injured party is severely restricted/completely eliminated.  Take the preemptive safety step by buckling up when you enter a vehicle.  You never know when a collision will occur and it is important to take steps to reduce the possibility of injury to yourself and to your passengers. 

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