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Travis Legal Offices, LLC focuses exclusively on personal injury claims and has done so for the past 26 years and counting. If you have been injured through the carelessness, negligence, or irresponsible behavior of another individual or organization, you probably have a valid personal injury claim. The term personal injury encompasses a wide collection of smaller, but distinct, legal claims. Our firm has extensive experience in many types of personal injury claims including, but not limited to: car collisions, truck/trailer collisions, pedestrian collisions, bicycle collisions, and wrongful death. Most personal injury claims are defended by the at-fault party's insurance company and their attorneys. The experience of the legal team at Travis Legal Offices, LLC truly shines through when dealing with the defense tactics used by insurance companies to limit the compensation they give to injured people. We believe that injured people deserve experienced legal representation in their personal injury cases, as it is the only way to level the playing field with the large insurance companies and corporations who spend a tremendous amount of time and resources defending these types of claims each year. RespectResponse, and final Results are the deciding factors that set our attorneys apart from others. 

When one of our clients is injured in a collision, often the insurance policy limits of the at-fault driver are insufficient to fully compensate for the damages.  Travis Legal Offices, LLC will pursue uninsured or underinsured motorists claims (UM/UIM) if applicable. UM/UIM coverages are optional coverages but may be contained in the insurance policies of our clients and/or the policy of the vehicle in which they are riding.  These are important coverages that can provide extra money where the at-fault party's insurance coverage is insufficient. If an at-fault driver cannot be identified (such as with a hit & run driver), Travis Legal Offices, LLC may be able to make an UM/UIM claim on behalf of our clients. These policies provide you with a limited time within to pursue your claim so you should consult with an attorney immediately after a collision to discuss the specifics of your claim. Travis Legal Offices, LLC offers free consultations to discuss the specifics of your case. 

Colorado has enacted wrongful death laws that allow for families to recover damages after the tragic death of a family member due to wrongful acts of others (such as negligence; intentional torts; criminal acts; neglect; or carelessness). But there are limitations as to whom can bring wrongful death actions and time frames in which they must be brought. If cases are not brought in time, they are considered lost and no person may file such a case after the period has expired.  Civil claims such as this are separate from any criminal charges which may be brought by the government.  Family members may recover both non-economic and economic damages, although portions may be subject to a 'cap'.  Travis Legal Offices, LLC can guide you through the complexity of a wrongful death claim. 

There are insurance laws, regulations, and standards which provide guidelines on how insurance companies should handle claims.  Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always adhere to these requirements and they fail to properly and/or timely handle claims. Travis Legal Offices, LLC has resolved many insurance bad faith/claims practices cases. While handling personal injury claims, situations sometimes arise that support a separate legal action against the insurance company for their poor/substandard handling of a claim.  We see our clients through to the end... making sure to tie up all aspects of a case before its conclusion. 

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