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Insurance Bad Faith / Claims Practices

Insurance Bad Faith/Claims Practices

Insurance bad faith is the unfair conduct of an insurance company in denying or delaying an insurance claim that is clearly owed by the insurance company. Outright denying a claim is not the only unfair conduct that can lead to a bad faith case; unreasonable delay in payment or partial payment could also constitute bad faith. Unfair conduct is a way for insurance companies to save money and increase profits. Many people do not have the legal guidance necessary to call an insurance company out on their unfair conduct, and so insurance companies often get away with it. These companies are playing a numbers game because they know that many of the insureds (usually their clients that they promise to protect) just go away after one or two rejections of the claims. Travis Legal Offices, LLC will fight for our clients when insurance companies do not properly handle claims. We are experienced in bad faith claims and know when an insurance company is shirking its duty. You deserve an attorney on your side so that the insurance company cannot get away with any unfair conduct on your claim. After all, you paid your premiums faithfully - and you deserve to have your claim handled faithfully. 

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