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Do I Need an Attorney to Make an Insurance Claim?

After a collision occurs, one of the most common questions someone may have is "do I need an attorney?" You do not have to be a lawyer to make an insurance claim. However, damages such as property damage, medical expenses, and non-economic losses (for example, pain and suffering and inconvenience) may not be handled properly by the insurance company without oversight. Countless resources have been devoted by insurance organizations to identify every step of the claims process which can be used to lower payments on claims. For example, the Travis Legal Office staff has observed several insurance companies lie about their legal obligations, distort the facts of the collision, refuse to acknowledge important information in a claim, etc. An insurance company may try any number of strategies to reduce how much they have to pay on claims. Speaking to an expert in insurance standards and claims processes is the only way to ensure that you are not being taken advantage of in your claim. Travis Legal Offices, LLC offers free consults to anyone who has questions regarding insurance claims and your specific situation. Please fill out the contact us form, or call (303) 766-8766 for more information. 

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