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Car Seats: When Is My Child Ready To Transition From A Booster Seat To Seat Belt?

Posted by Jordan Travis | Sep 08, 2022

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Children should remain in a booster seat for as long as possible until a seat belt fits them properly. So how do you know for sure your child is ready for just a seat belt?

Children are generally ready to use a seatbelt when:

  • They can keep their back against the vehicle seat without slouching.
  • Their knees bend over the edge of the seat.
  • They can keep their feet flat on the vehicle floor.

To properly fit a seat belt, the lap belt should lie snug across the upper thighs, not the stomach. The shoulder belt should lie snug across the shoulder and chest, not across the neck or face.

Seat belts may fit differently depending on the vehicle model and where the child sits in the vehicle. The safest practice is to keep children in the back seat until they turn 15.

A seatbelt restrains a grown child or adult in the event of a crash to help prevent injury. The seat belt is placed over the strongest parts of the body.

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