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Can My Insurance Company Raise My Rates If I Have Been In A Car Collision?

Posted by Jordan Travis | Dec 01, 2022

C.R.S. § 10-4-628 states:

  1. No insurer shall cancel; fail to renew; refuse to write; reclassify an insured under; reduce coverage under, unless the reduction is part of the premium for, unless the increase is part of a general increase in premiums filed with the commissioner, any complying policy because the applicant, insured, permissive user, or any resident of the household of the applicant or insured has:

a. Had an accident or accidents that are not the fault of such named applicant, insured, household member, or permissive user;

If you have been in an auto collision and another party was cited for fault/ determined to be at fault for the collision, your insurance company cannot raise your rates.

If you have been in an auto collision and it is not your fault, it is in your best interest to retain legal counsel to ensure that the insurance companies (the at fault parties and your own) do not try to keep you from recovering for your damages sustained in the collision.

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